Why should you use a general contractor?

Building a new home or undertaking an extensive remodel of your existing home requires time and expertise that most people just don’t have. Even for do-it-yourselfers, the learning curve for projects of this magnitude can be very expensive. A contractor can ease this burden by managing your project budget, time table, and labor. With a contractor handling the minute details and keeping things moving, you can enjoy planning your project and watching it take shape.

Why design-build versus stock plans?

Design building lets you work hand-in-hand with your builder, architect, and design professionals to create or transform your home to your exact lifestyle and liking. Stock plans may be reasonably priced in the beginning, but customizing it for your own needs and preferences can quickly drive up costs and lengthen timelines for both the design and construction stages.

How much construction experience does my contractor really need?

There are many homebuilders and general contractors out there who are good at business, but have little to no construction experience — they essentially studied for and passed a test to get a builder’s license. On the other hand, at McCracken Professional Builders, every member of our team has extensive experience constructing buildings from the ground up! Our expertise helps us make fewer mistakes during the building process, which saves you money, maximizes productivity, and prevents unnecessary delays.






Matt McCracken has been building and crafting things small and large for over two decades. His dedication to expert craftsmanship is second only to his passion for providing solid, dependable service and building lasting relationships with his clients.

Matt lives in Woodland Park, Colorado with his wife, Jill, and three children, Lukas, Isaac, and Grace. Matt and Jill are very active in their church and community, and they love to serve together. They love to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful Colorado scenery and national parks. Because he knows life is short, Matt strives to live every day with integrity and passion, and he endeavors to live out the golden rule both personally and professionally.


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