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About Company

MPB exists to passionately serve our clients to achieve their goals with quality and integrity.

We not only want to provide expert service, we want to be the best in our industry at our craft.

  • Therefore, we make use of all resources available to us and leverage the talents of others through collaboration and education.
  • We are proactive to find ways to perform our work more effectively—we are always looking to do our work more efficiently and with better quality.

What have I learned this week or what innovative contribution have I brought to my company this week?

Integrity is the state of being whole, or sound. Integrity means in practical terms, you can count on me to be wholly the person I led you to believe I am. To have integrity is more important than making money. I understand that a breach in integrity for short-term gain leads to long-term loss. Integrity means you can count on me:

  • To keep my word even when it hurts.
  • To deliver what I promised.
  • To take full responsibly for my actions and make amends quickly when I have failed to act with integrity.

Have I acted in anyway today that might put my integrity in question? If I have, when will I make things right?

You can always tell a person who has ownership over a person who is there to draw a paycheck. Owners take initiative, they do what is necessary to keep things moving forward.

  • Owners don’t stand around, but look for ways to be productive.
  • Owners don’t step over trash, they pick it up.
  • Owners don’t blame. They take responsibility.
  • Owners are problem solvers.

In what way have I actively taken ownership this week?

Grit: tough, having resolve, strength of character. “People with grit don’t quit.” They:

  • Find solutions.
  • Are positive, have “can do” attitudes.
  • Go the extra mile.

What tangible way have I demonstrated grit this week?

Hustle means we act quickly, we move with intentionality.  People with hustle:

  • Always give 100%.
  • Move fast.
  • Move beyond the speed of lazy.
  • Show up early and stay until the job is done.
  • They are energy givers.
  • Get answers quickly and get results.

Would my coworkers say I have hustled this week?

McCracken Professional Builders has been proudly serving Colorado mountain towns since 2009. We are your neighborhood builder. Our team of seasoned carpenters and design professionals has a combined experience of over 75 years in home building.
The McCracken team are standard bearers for the industry. We are always learning new and innovative ways to solve problems. Our team doesn’t settle for simply meeting the standard. We aren’t happy until the work is the best possible solution, executed with the experience of 75 years of craftsmanship. We are constantly challenging ourselves to set higher standards in home building.

McCracken Professional Builders is a team that feels like family. We are a “People First” organization. We look out for each other and are always putting our clients’ best interests first. Our focus is to ensure our team has the tools, knowledge and skills they need to serve our clients. Meeting clients’ needs is our passion and it shows in all our interactions.

Each member of this team was selected because they exhibit McCracken Professional Builders core values. Our values are posted here on our website because we are proud of who we are and how we work. We invite you to look at our core values and see what you can expect. Further, each team member pledges to intentionally demonstrate these values in their daily work. We believe a work site should be an environment where learning and innovation take place. Our team takes ownership in their work and interactions with clients and each other. McCracken Professional Builders work with integrity, grit and hustle. Our team will not let you down.

Your vision is our mission.